The Board recognizes the importance of community and parent involvement with the program and the operations of the public schools. By working together the quality of the educational program for students can only improve.

To foster mutual respect and confidence between the public, parents and the Board, an atmosphere of openness and honesty will prevail. The Board will encourage interested groups and representatives to express ideas, concerns and judgments about the schools to the school administration, to staff appointed advisory bodies and to the Board. It will be the Board’s responsibility to provide the public and parents with accurate and complete information on the schools and the Board’s activities.

The advice of the public and parents will be given careful consideration. In the evaluation of such contributions, the first concern will be for the educational program as it affects the students.


The Board recognizes that one of the best methods to maintain good communications with the community, and to establish sound public relations, is through temporary citizens’ advisory committees.

These committees will be appointed when needed for a specific time and purpose, and will be under the supervisory control of the Superintendent. The Superintendent will report to the Board on its membership, function, progress and final report.