Smarter Balanced Testing Schedule

Tentatively, from March 1 - May 5, 2023.  All the rest of the information remains the same., Grades 3-8 & 11 will take the Smarter Balanced Assessment in English language arts, mathematics, along with the South Dakota Science Assessment (grades 5, 8 & 11 only). The purpose of this letter is to help in your understanding of the assessment, as well as providing a few ideas for improving your child's preparedness. The Smarter Balanced Assessments measure student achievement in relation to our state standards in the areas of English language arts & literacy and in mathematics. In addition, score reports will provide information on student performance in the following areas: o English: Reading, writing, listening, & research o Math: Concepts and procedures; problem solving and modeling/data analysis; & communicating reasoning o Science: Science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and cross-cutting concepts (grades 5, 8, and 11 only). The assessments are administered through an online computer application and are unique in the way they adapt to a student's question responses. This is important as it provides questions that are appropriate for your child's level of learning. As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude towards testing. These assessments are not timed; however, we provide the following times as estimates of assessment duration: (a) English - 4 hours, (b) Math - 3.5 hours, (c) Science - 3 hours. Student grades are not impacted by their performance on these assessments; however the results do serve as a way for Sioux Valley to analyze how well we are helping students meet the standards. For 11th grade students, the results are also used for two purposes: (a) to qualify students in the fall of their senior year to alert them that they have already met criteria for guaranteed general acceptance into the state's six public universities and four technical institutes (Proactive Admissions), and (b) to determine a student's eligibility to further prepare for postsecondary coursework (College Readiness Courses). More information regarding Proactive Admissions and College Readiness Coursework can be found on There is no need for students to study in preparation for the assessments. We do, however, ask that students try their best and get plenty of rest the night before testing. It is important for students to come to school on test days. State assessments are required, therefore making up a missed assessment leads to less instructional time and a loss of important learning opportunities. Online Resouj-ces Students and parents can access resources, tutorials, and complete Practice Tests in English, math, and science for grade 3-8 & 11 at This testing is very important for your child and the Sioux Valley School District. Thank you for supporting your child and our school during this assessment period. As the time becomes nearer, a schedule of when your child will be testing will be made available. Please contact Supt. Laura Schuster at 605.627.5657 if you have any questions