B- Section Description

BA – Board Operational Goals

BB – School Board Legal Status

BBA – School Board Powers And Duties

BBAA – Board Member Authority

BBB – School Board Elections

BBBA - Board Member Qualification

BBBB – Board Member Oath Of Office

BBBB-E(1) – Board Member Oath Of Office – Form

BBC – Board Member Resignation/Removal From Office

BBE – School Board Member Vacancy

BBE-E(1) – School Board Member Vacancy – Application To Complete Unexpired Term

BBEA – Unexpired Term Fulfillment Procedure

BBF – Board Member Code Of Ethics

BBFA – Board Member Conflict Of Interest

BCA – Annual Board Organizational Meeting

BCB – Board Officers

BCD – School Board & Superintendent Relationship

BCD-E(1) – School Board & Superintendent Relationship – Functions

BCE – Board Committees

BCF – Advisory Committees ToThe Board

BCG – School Attorney

BD – School Board Meetings

BDA – Electronic Communication By Board Members

BDB – School Board Study Sessions And Work Retreats

BDC – Executive Sessions

BDDA – Notification Of School Board Meetings

BDDB – Board Meeting Agendas And Format

BDDC – Agenda Preparation And Dissemination

BDDCA – Agenda Related Supplemental Information

BDDD – Quorum

BDDE – Parliamentary Procedure

BDDE-E(1) – Parliamentary Procedure – Guide

BDDE-E(2) – Parliamentary Procedure – Motions Chart

BDDF – Voting Method

BDDG – Minutes

BDDH – Public Participation At Board Meetings

BDDH-E(1) – Public Forum at School Board Meeting - Reference Sheet

BF – Board Policy Development

BFB – Preliminary Development of Policies

BFC – Policy Adoption

BFCA – Board Review of Regulations

BFD - Policy Dissemination

BFF – Suspension of Policies

BFG – Policy Review And Evaluation

BHA – New Board Member Orientation

BHAA – Board Member Education

BHB – Board Member Development Opportunities

BHD – Board Member Compensation and Expenses

BJ – School Board Memberships

BK – Evaluation Of School Board Operational Procedures

BK-E(1) – Evaluation Of School Board Operational Procedures – Form