The Board of Education shall utilize Robert’s Rules of Order for Parliamentary Procedure as the guide for conducting official meetings held by the Board of Education. However, in utilizing Robert’s Rules of Order for Parliamentary Procedure as a guide it is not intended nor is it required that there be strict compliance with Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure. The Board President/Chairperson shall make all decisions related to parliamentary procedure that may arise during the course of a meeting. Any Board member may appeal the decision of the Board President/Chairperson to the full Board (school board members present at the meeting), and the Board shall, by majority vote, decide the procedural issue or question pending before the Board.

The purpose of parliamentary procedure is:

  1. to establish guidelines by which the business of the governing board can be conducted in a regular and internally consistent manner;

  2. to organize the meetings so that all necessary matters can be brought to the Board and that decisions of the Board can be made in an orderly and reasonable manner;

  3. to insure that members of the Board, concentrating on the substantive issues at hand, have the necessary information to make decisions, and to insure adequate discussion of decisions to be made; and

  4. to insure that meetings and actions of the Board are conducted so as to be informative to the staff and the public, and to produce a clear record of actions taken and decisions made.