Seniors will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony if they are .5 credits away from the Sioux Valley graduation requirement of 24 credits and have completed all of the state-required coursework. However, until all assignments, tests, and quizzes are complete, students will not receive their actual diploma. If seniors are failing several classes, they will not participate in the graduation ceremony and those students will be required to attend classes until the end of the regular school year.

Sioux Valley Graduation Requirements


As recognized by the South Dakota Department of Education, Sioux Valley graduates can earn these graduation endorsements:

  • Advanced: coursework consistent with entrance requirements for postsecondary education at an SD university.

  • Advanced Career: career experience in a concentrated area, based on academic and/or workplace experience & related credentials.

  • Advanced Honors: advanced rigorous, academic coursework consistent with SD Opportunity Scholarship.


Sioux Valley High School students must have the following 24 credits required for graduation:

English – 3.5 credits  

Math – 3 credits 

Lab Science – 3 credits

U.S. History – 1 credit 

Government – 1 credit  

World Geography – .5 credit

World History – .5 credit

Speech – .5 credit

Fine Arts – 1 credit

Computer Studies – .5 credit

Physical Education – .5 credit

Health – .5 credit

Personal Finance– .5 credit

CTE or World Language – 1 credit

Electives – 6.5 credits