G – Personnel

GA – Personnel Goals

GB – General Reference Policy

GBA – Equal Opportunity Employment

GBAA – Veteran’s Preference

GBC – Staff Ethics

GBCA – Staff Conflict of Interest

GBCB- Staff Conduct

CGCBA – Freedom of Expression

CGCBAA – Search and Seizure

GBCBB – Employee Use of Networking Sites

GBE – Staff Health and Safety

GBEB – Employee Communicable Diseases

GBEB-R(1) – Employee Communicable Diseases – Guidelines (Regulation)

GBEC – Use of Alcohol, Drugs, and Controlled Substances

GBG – Staff Participation in Political Activities

CBGA – District Involvement in Political Activity

GBI – Staff Gifts and Solicitations

GBL – Personnel Records

GBM – Staff Complaints and Grievances

GBM-R(1) – Staff Complaints and Grievances – Procedures (Regulation)

GCA - Professional Staff Positions

GCA-R(1) - Professional Staff Positions – Job Description: Teacher

GCB – Qualifications of Teachers

GCBA – Professional Staff Salary Schedules

GCBB – Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans

GCBCC – Tax Sheltered Annuity Program

GCBD – Professional Staff Leaves and Absences

GCBDC – Jury Duty

GCBDD- Military Leave

GCBDE – Family and Medical Leave

GCBDE-R(1) – Family And Medical Leave – Procedures (Regulation)

GCBDF – Nursing Mothers

GCBE – Vacations and Holidays – Professional Staff

GCC – Professional Staff Recruiting

GCD – Professional Staff Hiring

GCDA – Residency Requirements for Staff

GCDB – Criminal Background Checks

GCE – Part-Time and Substitute Employment – Professional Staff

GCF – Hiring Retired Employees

GCI – Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCJ – Professional Staff Time Schedules

GCK – Professional Staff Workload

GCL – Professional Staff Development Opportunities

GCN – Professional Teaching Staff Evaluation

GCN-E(1) – Professional Teaching Staff Evaluation – Form

GCPA – Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force

GCPB – Resignation of Professional Staff Members

GCPC – Retirement of Professional Staff Members

GCPD – Suspension without Pay and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members

GCPDA – Professional Staff Member Administrative Leave with Pay

GCQAB – Tutoring for Pay

GCQB – Professional Research and Publishing

GDA – Support Staff Positions

GDB – Non-Certified Staff Contracts and Compensation

GDB(1) - Classified Personnel-Employee Agreement (Formerly Section F)

GDBB – Support Staff Supplementary Pay Plans

GDBC – Support Staff Fringe Benefits

GDBD- Support Staff Leaves and Absences

GDC – Support Staff Recruiting, Posting of Vacancies & Hiring

GDG – Support Staff Probation

GDI – Support Staff Assignments and Transfers

GDJ – Support Staff Time Schedules

GDL – Support Staff Development Opportunities

GDN – Support Staff Evaluation

GDO – Support Staff Promotions

GDPA – Reduction in Support Staff Work Force

GDPB – Resignation of Support Staff Members

GDPC – Retirement of Support Staff Members

GDPD – Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members