Retirement System

All regularly employed support staff members are participants in the State Retirement System.

Retirement Age

The Board may not impose a mandatory retirement age on employees.

The Board reserves the right to retire an employee if the employee is unable to satisfactorily perform the duties of their position due to poor health or disability.

Option to Continue Whole Health Coverage for Retirees

If you are an eligible retired employee, you may continue in the group health coverage or a retiree health benefits program offered by the school district and available to age 65.

Covered dependents can continue for as long as they remain qualified dependents. For more information, call the personnel office of the district.

Qualified dependents includes your spouse, if not divorced or legally separated from you, your unmarried, dependent children up to age 19 who are not employed on a full-time basis or dependent children who are full-time students up to age 23.

Continuation of coverage may be terminated or denied for any of the following reasons:

  1. Coverage under another health plan is acquired;

  2. The contribution for continuation coverage is not paid on time;

  3. Entitlement or enrollment in Medicare;

  4. The district no longer provides group health coverage;

  5. Your continuation period ends.