Professional personnel will be assigned on the basis of their qualifications and the needs of the school district.

The assignment and transfer of teachers to positions in other schools of the district or within the teacher’s assigned school will be made by the Superintendent giving consideration, but not limited to the following criteria:

  1. The contribution that the teacher would make to students in the new assignment.

  2. The qualifications of the teacher as compared to those of other candidates for the position to be filled.

  3. The opportunity for professional growth.

  4. The desire of the teacher regarding the new assignment.

  5. The length of service in the school district.

  6. The availability of a qualified replacement for the position vacated by the transferring teacher.

Any teacher who desires a transfer in assignment should request such a transfer in writing to the principal with a copy to the Superintendent. Every effort will be made to honor this request.

If a change of assignment is deemed necessary by the Board, then the new assignment will be as nearly similar to the desired assignment as possible. The teacher’s contract will stipulate the area of certification for which the teacher is employed.