The board recognizes its responsibility to provide a clean and healthy environment for students and school employees.

The determination of whether an infected employee be excluded from work activities shall be made on a case-by-case basis, under the direction of the principal/building administrator or designee.

In situations where the decision requires additional knowledge and expertise, the principal will refer the case to an advisory committee for assistance in determining the proper course of action.

The advisory committee may be composed of:

  1. A representative from the State Health Department;

  2. The employee’s physician;

  3. The employee and/or designee;

  4. The school health service’s supervisor;

  5. The superintendent or designee; and

  6. Other appropriate school personnel.

In making the determination, the advisory committee shall consider:

  1. The physical condition of the school employees;

  2. The expected type(s) of interaction with others in the school setting;

  3. The impact on both the infected school employee and others in that setting;

  4. The South Dakota Department of Health guidelines and policies;

  5. The status of certification of health of the employee under South Dakota Law;

  6. The recommendation of the County Health Officer, which may be controlling;

  7. Information regarding the infected employee, which is, deemed part of his/her personnel records, therefore is classified as “Confidential”.

The advisory committee may officially request assistance from the State Department of Health.

If employment of an infected employee is to be interrupted or discontinued, the employee will be entitled to use available medical leave and receive available benefits.

Public information will not be revealed about the employee who may be infected. If the employee is permitted to remain in the school setting, the principal, will provide, as appropriate to school employees who have regular contact with the employee, as to the employee’s medical condition and other factors needed for consideration in carrying out job responsibilities.

Health guidelines for work attendance are established and interpreted with the context of the case. The guidelines are not inclusive but are available to be used as a resource. School personnel will refer to school health professionals for specific judgments in interpreting the guidelines.

Instructions in appropriate handling of blood and body fluids will be provided. Hand washing after contamination, food preparation and health/hygiene care performed in different sink and work areas, maintenance cleaning and other personal hygiene measures are part of creating a healthy environment.

Specific health concerns may require the advisory committee to make a determination on school attendance or participation in school activities.