Continuing professional growth and increasing effectiveness on the part of the entire staff is essential for the success of educational programs and school operations. The continual professional growth of all staff members on an individual basis and through planned in-service programs will be encouraged. Such opportunities may include, within budgetary limitations, special in-service courses and workshops, summer study grants, school visitations, and attendance at professional conferences and meetings.

In-Service Education

The Superintendent will work with other school districts, local colleges and universities, and the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide in-service education for teachers. The Board will encourage the development of in-service education by:

  1. Conducting district wide assessment of in-service education needs;

  2. Ranking in-service education needs in relation to district goals;

  3. Developing criteria for effective in-service education activities;

  4. Developing travel and professional leave policies in cooperation with teachers;

  5. Developing a calendar that includes days for in-service education;

  6. Developing cooperative relationships with agencies that provide in-service education;

  7. Establishing an in-service education committee composed of teachers and administrators;

  8. Identifying resources for in-service education;

  9. Assessing the effectiveness of in-service education activities in relation to district goals.

The Superintendent will have authority to approve released time for conferences and visitations, and reimbursements for expenses, provided such activities are within budget allocations. The Board may authorize without loss of pay, teacher attendance at an annual professional association meeting if the teacher is not away from his regular duties for more than three consecutive days.