The Board recognizes that employees of the district have the same fundamental civic responsibilities and privileges as other citizens. Among these are: campaigning for elective public office and holding an elective or appointive public office.

Any employee who intends to campaign for an elective public office will notify the Superintendent, in writing at the earliest possible moment, of the office which he or she intends to seek, together with the decision as to whether he wishes to continue employment and under what terms and conditions.

The Superintendent will meet with and discuss these matters with the employee involved and will present a proposed solution to the Board for consideration. The essential element to be determined by the Board is whether the activities proposed by the employee are compatible with the time requirements for fulfilling the employee’s responsibilities to the district.

In connection with his or her campaigning, no employee will use school system facilities, equipment, or supplies; nor will the employee discuss his or her campaign with students or with school personnel during the working day; nor will the employee use any time during the working day for campaigning purposes.

A teacher seeking an extended leave of absence for campaigning, office-holding, or other time-consuming activities connected with government service will apply for such leave in writing. The Board will provide the teacher with a written answer to a request for political leave including salary arrangements.

If not elected, the employee may return to the position previously held.