Technology will be used to complement and foster public education. Utilization by employees must not distract from or disrupt the educational process. Proper decorum is the standard of conduct expected of a professional. That standard will apply to the use of technology and social networking sites.

The Superintendent will ensure that staff members are reminded and informed of the importance of maintaining proper decorum when using technology as well as in person.

Proscribed conduct includes:

  • Improper fraternization with students.

  • Listing students as friends on networking sites.

  • Staff members providing private phone numbers without prior approval of the district.

  • Inappropriate email or phone contact with students.

  • Posting items containing inappropriate sexual content.

  • Posting items exhibiting or advocating illegal use of drugs or alcohol.

Electronic contacts with students will be through the district’s property except in the case of an emergency.

All contact and messages by coaches with team members shall be sent to all team members, except for messages concerning medical or academic privacy, in which case the messages will be copied to the athletic director and the school principal.

The administration will monitor improper use of technology, and impose sanctions including dismissal from employment. Employees have no expectation of privacy with respect to utilization of district property, nor engagement in social networking sites.