Assignments that are to be accorded extra compensation will be designated by the Board. Recommendations for appointments to such positions will be made to the Board by the Superintendent. The amount of compensation for the position will be established by the Board at the time of appointment.

A teacher who is offered and undertakes a supplementary pay assignment will enter into a one-year limited contract with the Board. The terms and salary for this assignment will be specified in the written teacher’s contract, which is signed by the teacher, Board president and school district business manager.

If a teacher will not be extended the assignment for the following school year, but will remain on the teaching staff, they will be notified in writing, prior to the expiration of the contract.

If the assignment is terminated by the Board or by the teacher, prior to the end of the contract, the special allowance will cease.

Notes: If there is a salary schedule for extra-pay positions, it could be included in a manual as an exhibit document coded GCBB-E. If one is established through negotiations, the appropriate “contract reference” should be added to a policy in this area.