The Board recognizes the value of educational research conducted by staff members. However, all research studies carried out within the school system, using district or school data or resources of any kind, or staff or students as subjects must be approved in advance by the Superintendent or a designee. Only those studies which have a value to the school district will be approved.

The Superintendent or a designee will keep a file on topics needing study that will be shared with staff members or graduate students at their request.

When human subjects are involved in research, there will be adequate protection of their confidentiality rights and welfare. Adults and parents of children, who are the subjects of research, will be provided:

  • An explanation of procedure and their purposes;

  • A description of any possible risks and any benefits to be reasonably expected;

  • An offer to respond to inquiries on procedures;

  • Instruction on the right to refuse to participate or to discontinue participation at any time without prejudice.

Textbooks or other learning materials, resulting from work assignment or developed during the paid work time of a school employee, or while using school equipment, facilities, or materials, are property of the school district.