The nature of the duties and responsibilities of administrators and supervisors will require their hours of work to vary and extend as necessary to fulfill the requirements of their positions.

Administrators will be expected to work during the hours and on the days that the Superintendent’s office is open unless special arrangements have been made with the Superintendent. On days schools are closed because of bad weather or other emergencies, all staff members, except those who work only on teacher work days, are required to report to work as soon as they are able to do so.

The work year for administrators will be established individually through their contracts.


Generally, the working day for teachers will be determined by the hours established for students. Teachers will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the time students arrive and be available for an hour after the school day for conferences with students, parents, and administrators, as well as to take care of other professional responsibilities. Exceptions to the after-school time requirements will be permitted on days preceding weekends, holidays, and recess periods.

Every effort will be made by the administration to provide a uniform workday for teachers at the various levels. The working day will include at least a one-half hour duty free lunch period.

The work year for teachers will be established in connection with the Board’s adoption of the school calendar.