The School Board recognizes the value of having all school employees committed to being an integral part of the community. The board believes that this commitment to the community can best be exemplified by having employees live within the District.

The Board bases this belief on the following:

  1. It will aid in hiring staff that is high motivated and deeply committed to the kind of education the community expects for its children.

  2. Staff will be more likely to be involved in school and community activities.

  3. Staff will have a better understanding and greater sympathy for the social, economic, and geographic problems of the children of the district and the taxpayers who support the school.

All school personnel who are not now living in the school district are encouraged to establish their domicile in the District.

Beginning with the 20_ -20__ school term all new employees and those who are currently residing in the district shall comply and remain in compliance with this residency requirement or their contracts will be terminated. When a non-resident employee is appointed to a position in the District that employee will have ninety days from the day the school term begins to comply with this policy.

In exceptional circumstances and when necessary to secure adequate competent staff the board may waive this policy for that school term.