Part-Time Teachers

Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board will approve or reject the employment of part-time teachers consistent with the needs of the school district.

A part-time certificated teacher, if employed for the full school term, will attain continuing contract status the same as a full-time teacher.

Part-time teachers will meet all necessary certification requirements, and any non-unit part-time teachers will be compensated for their work on a pro-rated basis commensurate with their placement on their salary schedule.

Substitute Teachers

The employment of substitute teachers will be centralized for the district in the office of the Superintendent. To the extent possible substitute teachers must meet the requirements for teacher appointments and will be assigned substitute teaching positions on the basis of their areas of competence. The Board will set the daily rate of pay for substitute teachers, including extended-term substitutes. The latter will be granted such additional benefits as approved by the Board.

Principals will assume responsibility for the scheduling of substitutes from the approved list as needed.