Students, parents, and other district residents and taxpayers will be discouraged from the presentation of gifts to teachers and other district employees. The routine giving of gifts to teachers by students–or to students by teachers–will not be permitted at any time, including Christmas.

The presentation of gifts to, and the arrangement of social affairs for, employees leaving the system for reasons other than retirement will be governed by the following policy:

  1. Each building principal will appoint, or the employees may volunteer, for a small social committee to plan social affairs such as teas and luncheons.

  2. Any gifts to be presented to departing employees by their respective groups will be at the discretion of the group involved.


The Superintendent will annually approve all solicitations that are to be permitted in the schools. No organization may solicit funds of staff members in the schools, nor may anyone distribute flyers or other materials related to fund drives through schools, without the approval of the Superintendent.

Employees may not be engaged in the sale of products to the schools, even if the proceeds of such sales are intended for charitable or civic purposes; nor will staff members collect any money or distribute any fund-raising literature without the express approval of the Superintendent.