The school board is committed to making informed decisions on behalf of the citizens and to conducting school district business in a transparent and responsible manner

To ensure the board has the information necessary to make informed decisions, the superintendent may prepare and disseminate information to supplement items on the boards meeting agenda. All members of the school board will receive the agenda and any related supplemental information in advance of the board meeting and with ample time to review the material.

To ensure the public has access to information that the board may use to make decisions, agenda-related supplemental information provided to all board members in advance of the meeting will be available for public inspection in the business office 24 hours in advance of the meeting and during the school board meeting. However, any information protected from disclosure by state or federal law shall not be disclosed to the public.

Notes: Many policies on agenda preparation include a general or specific statement on how citizens can get items scheduled on the agenda. However, some school districts may need to develop procedural regulations for the scheduling of items by citizens, staff members and students.