The school board shall select the date of the annual school election by resolution no later than the first regular meeting after January 1st of each year. The annual election shall be held between the second Tuesday in April and the third Tuesday in June between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m..

The school district and the municipality have the option of holding combined school district-municipal elections. Subject to approval of the governing bodies, the combined election may be held on the date set by the school district or the general municipal election (second Tuesday in April). Expenses and all other governmental responsibilities of a combined election are to be shared in an agreed upon manner by the governing bodies of the school district and the municipality.

Following each annual school election held pursuant to §13-7-10, the school board, within 60 days of the official canvas, shall include in the school board minutes the following information:

  1. The number of registered voters of the school district on the date voter registration closes;

  2. The number of registered voters of the school district who voted in the election;

  3. The percentage of registered voters of the school district who voted in the election

  4. The date of the election, and if the election was held in conjunction with a regular municipal election as provided in §13-7-10.1 or with the regular June primary as provided in §13-7-10.3.

If the annual election was not held because there was not a contested vacancy for the school board and no question was submitted to the voters, the school board shall provide that information in the school board minutes.

Notes: SDCL 13-6-13.1, SDCL 13-8-3 and SDCL 13-8-7.1 address school board member representation areas.