The Board considers it important that a new member be knowledgeable about school governance and operations, and, insofar as possible, prepared to discuss and cast informed votes on matters before the Board.

To maintain high standards and continuity in operating the school system, new Board members will be given special attention promptly after election.

The Board will compile copies of policies and regulations, which are revised regularly, to be given each new member. A retiring member should furnish the new member with his or her accumulated materials.

The Superintendent will be responsible for arranging a conference(s) with new Board members on the Board’s work, objectives and purposes and will discuss the legislative function of the Board with the administrative functions of the Superintendent. The new members will be given a tour of the school(s), be provided with a map of the district; past and current surveys and reports on curriculum, teaching standards and certification, school services, facilities, finances, and taxes; a calendar of business; and copies of minutes.

New members have a responsibility to inform themselves about the educational program, employed personnel, laws and Board procedure, Board policies, teaching materials and facilities, school services, needs of community, interested public service organizations and techniques of good public relations.