The Board considers policy development one of its chief functions. It is the intent of the Board to develop policies and put them in writing so that they may serve as guidelines and goals for the successful and efficient functioning of the public schools.

It is through the development and adoption of written policies that the Board will exercise its leadership in the operation of the school system; it is through study and evaluation of reports concerning the execution of its written policies that the Board will exercise its control over school operations.

It is the Board’s intention that its written policies serve as guides for the discretionary action of those to whom it delegates authority and as a source of information and guidance for all persons who are interested in, and affected by, the district schools.

The policies of the Board are developed, and are meant to be interpreted, in terms of state laws, regulations of the State Board of Education, and other applicable county, state and federal regulations. The policies are also framed, and meant to be interpreted, in terms of those educational objectives, procedures and practices that are broadly accepted by leaders and authorities in the public education field.

Changes in needs, conditions, purposes and objectives will require revisions, deletions and additions to the policies of present and future boards. The Board will welcome suggestions for ongoing policy development.

Notes: One of the first policy needs of a school board is a policy, or set of policies, on policy development. Other statements cover Preliminary Development of Policies (BFB) and Policy Adoption (BFC). However, a policy that includes content related to these categories could be included under the more general code BF, Board Policy Development.