The school board is committed to conducting the public’s business in public and providing community members an opportunity to observe and participate in school board meetings. In keeping with those commitments, and to provide for the orderly conduct of the district’s business, the superintendent, in cooperation with the board president, will prepare board meeting agendas that outline matters to be brought to the school board’s attention at meetings.

The district will attempt to accommodate anyone who may request to have an item placed on a board meeting agenda, provided the request is reasonable, timely and made in a manner consistent with board policy and board meeting procedures. Each agenda will reflect that the board reserves suitable time at each meeting to allow citizens to address the board.

The board will follow the order of business established by the agenda unless the order is altered or items amended by a vote of the board.


To encourage efficiency during school board meetings, the school board may elect to use a consent agenda for items which usually do not require discussion or explanation. A consent agenda allows the board to consider and vote on certain items as a group with a single motion.

Any school board member may request to remove any item from the consent agenda. The request does not require a second or a vote by the school board. An item removed from the consent agenda will be discussed and acted upon immediately following the consideration of the consent agenda.


At regular meetings, the following will be the customary order of business however the particular order may vary from meeting to meeting in keeping with the business at hand:

1. Call to order.

2. Roll call.

3. Establishment of a quorum.

4. Approval of minutes.

5. Consideration of claims (a possible consent agenda item).

6. Financial report.

7. Hearing of delegations.

8. Written petitions and communications.

9. Special committee reports.

10. Superintendent’s report.

11. Policies.

12. Unfinished business.

13. New business.

14. Adjournment.

Notes: When a school board has a policy on agenda format, such as the one above, a “customary order of business” or a listing of business to be accomplished at each meeting (regardless of order) is often included in the manual as an informational document.