The board believes the success of its mission to create a high-quality learning environment where all children can learn depends upon the cooperation between the board and the superintendent.

To achieve this common goal of student achievement, the board-superintendent governance leadership team will make every possible effort to develop a mutual understanding of their respective roles, create clear expectations and transparency, build professional trust and respect, and communicate openly and honestly with each other.

The board believes that the legislation of policies is its most important function and that the execution of those policies is the function of the superintendent.

The Superintendent will be responsible for the administrative and advisory functions of the board. Strategic planning, policy making and superintendent evaluation are the functions of the board. The board retains final authority within the district, as charged by the South Dakota Legislature.

Together, the Board and the Superintendent are a team, each playing a well-defined position.

Notes: A local school district may want to further delineate those functions that are the responsibility of the Board and those of the Superintendent. A partial listing of these functions follows this policy statement in code BCD-E.