The proposed agenda for all meetings of the Board will be prepared by the Superintendent in consultation with the Board President.

Items of business may be suggested by any Board member, staff member or citizen of the district. The agenda, however, will always allow suitable time for the remarks of the public who wish to speak briefly before the Board.

The Board will follow the order of business set up by the agenda unless the order is altered by a majority vote of the members present. Items of business not on the proposed agenda may be discussed and acted upon only if a majority of the Board agrees to consider the item at the time the Board members approve an amended agenda at the time of agenda adoption. The Board, however, may not revise Board policies, or adopt new ones, unless such action has been scheduled.

The proposed agenda, together with supporting materials, will be distributed to Board members at least 24 hours prior to the Board meeting to permit them time to give items of business careful consideration. The Board shall provide public notice, with proposed agenda, that is visible, readable, and accessible for at least an entire, continuous twenty-four hours immediately preceding any meeting, by posting a copy of the notice, visible to the public, at the building in which the Superintendent’s office is located. The proposed agenda shall include the date, time, and location of the meeting. The notice shall also be posted on the public body’s website upon dissemination of the notice, if such a website exists. For special or rescheduled meetings, the information in the notice shall be delivered in person, by mail, by email, or by telephone, to members of the local news media who have requested notice.