The Board will annually review its own performance in terms of generally accepted principles of successful board operations and in relation to its goals and objectives. The Board self-evaluation shall address performance in the key functions of vision, structure, accountability, conduct, ethics and advocacy. The results of the self-evaluation shall be used in setting goals for the subsequent year. Evaluation will indicate the strengths of the Board and the areas of needed improvement.

To help the Board meet this goal, the following elements will be included in the self-evaluation process.

1. Board members will be involved in the development of an evaluation instrument and procedures by which they will evaluate themselves.

2. The Board evaluation instrument will be completed by individual board members on a confidential basis and submitted to the Board Chair, or the designee, for compilation.

3. The Board will meet, with no other items on the agenda, at a study or executive session and with all members present, to review and discuss the composite results.

4. Each conclusion will be supported by objective evidence.

Upon final discussion of the results, the Board will develop both short and long-range goals and objectives to ensure continued proficiency in its areas of excellence, to strengthen weak areas, and to improve the efficiency of the Board.