All regular official School Board meetings will be held on the second Monday of each month, unless otherwise designated at the annual organizational meeting of the Board.

The official meetings of the school board are open to the public unless a specific law is cited by the school board to close the official meeting to the public. An official meeting is any meeting of a quorum of the school board at which official business of the school district is discussed or decided, or public policy is formulated, whether in person or by means of teleconference.

Subject to the following rules, any person may record, through audio or video technology, a school board meeting that is open to the public as long as the recording is reasonable, obvious, and not disruptive.

  1. A person who wishes to audio or video record some or all of an official school board meeting must inform the school board president/chairperson or superintendent prior to the beginning of the meeting of the person’s intent to record. At the beginning of the meeting, the school board president will then inform all persons present of the recording.

  2. The quantity and type of recording equipment used shall be subject to the discretion of the school board, and the school board president/chairperson shall have the discretion to exclude or terminate recording of the meeting.This discretion is not to be exercised in an effort to restrict the public’s right to be informed of school board meeting proceedings, but only where these rules have been violated.

  3. Recording equipment must not produce distracting light or noise, and no artificial lighting device of any kind shall be employed with a video camera.

  4. Recording equipment must not obstruct the vision of persons attending the school board meeting and their ability to see all school board members.

  5. Any person violating the rules set forth above may be directed to cease the recording or leave the premises


Special meetings may be called by the President of the Board, or in his or her absence the Vice-President, or a majority of the Board members. Notice stating the time and place of any special meeting and the purpose for its call, will be given each Board member and the Superintendent by the Business Manager, either orally or in writing, in sufficient time to allow each member’s presence. No business other than that stated in the notice will be transacted at a special meeting. Local news media that have requested notice will be notified of the special meeting by mail, e-mail, delivered in person or telephone prior to the meeting.


Any official meeting, including executive meetings, may be conducted by teleconference. A teleconference is an exchange of information by audio, video, or electronic medium, including the internet. A member is deemed present if the member answers present to the roll call conducted by teleconference for the purpose of determining a quorum. Each vote at an official meeting held by teleconference shall be taken by roll call. A teleconference may be used to conduct a hearing. If the school board conducts an official meeting by teleconference, the school board shall provide a place at which the public may listen to and participate in the teleconference meeting. For any official meeting held by teleconference, which has less than a quorum of school board members participating in the meeting who are present at the location open to the public, arrangements shall be provided for the public to listen to the meeting via telephone or internet. The requirement to provide one or more places for the public to listen to the teleconference does not apply to an executive meeting.