The annual organizational meeting of the Board will be held on the second Monday of July, unless otherwise designated by the Board at the previous regular meeting.

The meeting will be called to order by the business manager and the oath of office will be given by the business manager to all newly elected Board members. The business manager will conduct the election for the School Board President. The Board President will assume office and will conduct the election for the Vice-President. The persons elected as President and Vice President shall serve in the positions until the next annual meeting.


Items of business to come before the annual meeting may include but are not limited to:

1. Setting of date, time and place for regular meetings (required);

2. Designation of official depository or depositories (required);

3. Designation of the custodians of all accounts (required);

4. Authorize business manager to electronically transfer funds for specifically authorized purposes;

5. Designation of official legal newspaper (required);

6. Designation of school board member(s) who in addition to the school board president have the authority to countersign checks drawn by the business manager (required);

7. Authorization of continuation of existing funds or accounts and the establishment of any new accounts;

8. Establishment of school board committees (such as finance, curriculum, negotiations, facility, transportation, policy review and development and such other committees as determined by the school board) and school board representatives to serve on other boards as applicable (i.e., educational cooperative board, equalization board, ASBSD Delegate Assembly, etc.);

9. Setting bond for school business manager (required), and in discretion of school board, set bonds for school board members and other employees;

10. Appointment of truancy officer;

11. Appointment of Title IX compliance officer;

12. Appointment of Rehabilitation Act Section 504 compliance officer;

13. Appointment of Americans with Disabilities Act compliance officer;

14. Appointment of Age Discrimination Act compliance officer;

15. Appointment of Asbestos compliance officer;

16. Designation of parliamentary procedure guidelines for Board meetings;

17. Authorization of business manager to invest and reinvest funds in institution, which serves greatest advantage to school district;

18. Selecting date of annual school election;

19. Setting school activities admission fees;

20. Authorization of superintendent to close school in emergency situations and in case of inclement weather and setting chain of command in event superintendent is absent;

21. Establish Board of Education compensation;

22. Designation of School District Attorney(s);

23. Authorize participation in associations (i.e., ASBSD, SDHSAA, etc.).