The Board of Education recognizes that a child’s education is a responsi­bility shared by the school and family during the entire period the child spends in school. To support the goals of the school district to educate all students effectively, the schools and parents must work as knowledge­able partners.

Although parents are diverse in culture, language, and needs, they share the school’s commitment to the educational success of their children. School districts and schools, in collaboration with the parents, shall es­tablish and develop programs and practices that enhance parent involvement and reflect the specific needs of students and families.

To this end, the Board will support the development, implementation and regular evaluation of a parent involvement program, which will involve par­ents at all grade levels in a variety of roles. The parent involvement program will be comprehensive and coordinated in nature and will include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Support to parents as leaders and decision-makers in advisory roles.

2. Promotion of clear two-way communication between the school and the family as to school programs and children’s progress.

3. Assistance to parents and/or guardians to develop parenting skills to foster positive relationships at home that support children’s efforts and provide techniques designed to assist their children with learning at home.

4. Involvement of parents, with appropriate training, in instructional and support roles at the school.

5. Provision of access to and coordination of community and support ser­vices for children and families.

These forms of involvement are not mutually exclusive and require a coordi­nated school wide effort.