In today’s society, education is a continuous process of learning, not only for the present but for the future. Therefore, the Board will provide an educational environment that promotes and enhances learning as a life-long endeavor. In addition, the Board believes that education is not just the development and refinement of mental capacity but a process that assists the students in meeting their physical, social, aesthetic, and emotional requirements.

The Board will strive to provide stimulation and assistance so that each child develops in accordance to his or her individual abilities, interests and potential. The responsibility of the school, therefore, is to help guide the individual in the many and varied educational experiences so that a child can develop into a wholesome, happy and productive human being.

The Board recognizes the importance of the home as an influence upon the child and believes that a sympathetic, cooperative attitude between the teacher and the parent or guardian is necessary in the development of a student’s integrated personality.

The total staff of the school system constitutes an inestimable and lasting force in the development of the student. The teacher is the most significant influence in the school and must, therefore, possess and demonstrate dedication, enthusiasm and sensitivity. It is primarily the teacher’s responsibility to provide the learning environment in the school that fosters maximum student growth and reflects individual differences.

It is further realized that mutual rapport among the home, student, staff, administration, School Board and total community is necessary to implement this policy