The Board may be required to assume a judicial role to ensure adherence to district policy. All contested matters will be heard in a fair and impartial manner, and the Board will resolve all disputes. All contested hearings shall adhere to the procedures outlined in this policy.


  • Hearings involving personnel and students are closed to the public.

  • Requests for hearings to be conducted in open session will be considered by the Board.

  • A verbatim record of the hearing will be made.

  • Closed hearing records will be sealed pending a determination of the board.


  • The Board shall appoint a school board member or a person who is not an employee of the school district as the hearing officer.

  • Each party may be represented by an attorney.

  • Each party may make an opening statement.

  • The complainant or petitioner shall present its case first.


  • All witnesses must take an oath or affirmation of truth.

  • Witnesses may be present only when testifying.

  • Each party may present, examine and cross-examine witnesses.

  • The hearing officer may ask questions of witnesses and may allow other school board members to question witnesses.


  • Each party may introduce evidence.

  • All relevant evidence must be admitted.

  • Unproductive or repetitious evidence may be limited by the hearing officer.

  • Each party may raise objections. The basis for the objection must be stated.

  • Each party may make a closing statement.


  • After the hearing, the school board shall continue to meet in executive session for deliberation.

  • No one other than the hearing officer may meet with the school board during deliberation.

  • The school board may seek advice during deliberation from its legal counsel.

  • Consultation with any other person during deliberation may occur only if representatives of the parties are present.


  • The decision of the Board must be based solely on the evidence presented at the hearing and must be effected by a motion made in open session.

  • For closed hearings the motion must omit the names of the parties.

  • The Board shall notify the parties in writing of its decision.