All materials to be ordered by the school district staff must be requisitioned through the Superintendent’s / Principal’s / staff member’s supervisor / Business Manager office for processing by the business office. The business office will maintain a central record system for the purpose of combining orders, avoiding duplication of purchases, taking full advantage of lowered prices for bulk purchasing, to follow up on delayed orders of delivery and to reconcile deliveries to orders before payment is made. This delivery control will be applied to all purchases, regardless of point of delivery.

Principals and department heads will examine carefully all requisitions submitted by teachers, custodians and other employees for supplies, equipment and services. They will be responsible for verifying that items requested are needed before signing the requisition and sending it to the Business Manager.

All orders must include the name and address of the supplier as well as the purchase price.

If any person orders materials other than through the Business Manager’s office the person ordering the materials will be individually responsible for the payment of the materials.