JFCL - Student Registered Sex Offenders

The District is committed to the safety of students, employees and other persons on school property. In order to effect this commitment, the following policy provisions are adopted:


A student who is enrolled in the school system and is a registered sex offender, is forbidden (1) to be present on any property owed or operated by the District, including school buildings, athletic fields or facilities, parking lots, buses, vehicles or other property, and (2) to attend school-sponsored or school-related activities, except to the extent the student is permitted to be on school property to receive educational services.

A student required to be a registered sex offender, who is receiving educational services on school property must comply with the requirements to be supervised by school personnel at all times.


1. If permitted by the Board, a student, subject to the previous section, may be present on school property subject to any conditions and restrictions imposed by the Board.

2. The Board will hold a hearing to determine whether to expel or provide the student with educational services.

3. Prior to expelling a student, the Board will consider whether there is an alternative program offered by the District that may provide educational services to the student.

4. If the Board determines that the student will be provided educational services on school property, the student must be under the supervision of school personnel at all times.

5. If a student subject to this policy violates the conditions and restrictions placed upon the student by the Board, school administrators and the Board will follow established student discipline procedures and impose an appropriate disciplinary measure, up to and including expulsion.

6. If a student subject to this policy is one with disabilities, educational services will be provided in accordance with federal and state law.