The Board believes that activities to increase parental involvement are a vital part of the Title I Program. Parents will have an opportunity to design, implement, evaluate and suggest changes to improve the program.


1. Parental Notification. Parents of Title I students will be notified within two weeks of a child’s selection for the program, and for what academic skills and instructional objectives the student has been selected.

2. Parental In-service. Specific materials and suggestions will be provided to parents to assist in the education of their children at home. Suggestions for promoting educational activities at home will also be provided.

3. Student Program Report. Parents will be provided with student program reports at the end of each reporting period. If necessary, periodic written reports will be mailed to parents.

4. Parent-Teacher Conferences. Regular scheduled conference will be held each year to keep parents informed on the progress of their child. Other conferences may be held on request of the parent or teacher.

5. Parent Visitation. Parents are permitted to observe classes at any time, after checking at the administrative office.

6. Parent Advisory Committees. Parent Advisory Committees may be estab­lished at each school to review the overall program and to suggest changes.

7. Meeting. At least one public meeting will be held annually where ad­ministrators, staff members, parents of participants, parent advisory committees and other interested parents may be present. Agenda items at this meeting will include:

a) Information concerning the views of parents and students about educational
needs of Title I students and the priorities of student needs;

b) Review Title I applications and make recommendations for improving
program activities for ensuing projects;

c) Review annual funding allocations and carry-over funds;

d) Represent and express ideas and opinions of the parents and students of
each school attendance area;

e) Assist the school district in the dissemination of Title I information to parents
and the general public through the local media and a school newsletter; and

f) Emphasis on supplemental instructional activities appropriate for achieving
program goals and objectives.

8. In-service for Teachers. Materials and information will be provided to teachers and other instructional staff involved in the program to assist them to work more effectively with the parents of participating students.

9. Announcements. All parents and students are invited by newsletter or through the local media to the annual meetings or other scheduled meetings. Information will be disseminated at these meetings advising involvement requirements. Reasonable support for parental activities will be handled in a timely manner.

10. Policy Dissemination. Policies, regulations, and other Title I information will be made available to parents at each of the scheduled meetings and at parents’ request anytime during the school year. Parents will be given an opportunity to be involved in the policy development process.