The Board will, when it deems appropriate, appoint citizens committees to counsel and assist the district in planning programs and projects. The Board will have the power to dissolve any advisory committee and will reserve the right to exercise this power at any time during the life of any committee.


The following policies will govern the appointment and functioning of citizens committees:

1. The composition of a citizens committee will be broadly representative and will take into consideration the specific tasks assigned to the committee. Members of the professional staff may be appointed to such committee as members or consultants, as found desirable.

2. All appointments will be made by the Board, which may name a community selection committee to make nominations for the purpose of obtaining broader community presentation. The appointment of any staff members to such committees will be made by the Board upon recommendation of the Superintendent.

3. Each committee will be clearly instructed as to:

a) The length of time each member is being asked to serve;

b) The service the Board wishes the committee to render, and the extent and limitations of its responsibility;

c) The resources the Board will provide;

d) The approximate dates on which the Board wishes to receive major reports;

e) Board policies governing citizens committees and the relationship of these committees to the Board as a whole, to individual Board members, to the Superintendent, and other members of the professional staff;

f) Responsibilities for the release of information to the press.

4. Recommendations of citizens committees will be based on research and fact.

5. A school board possesses certain legal powers and prerogatives, which cannot be delegated or surrendered to others. Therefore, all recommendations of a citizens committee must be submitted to the Board for official action.