QUALIFICATIONS: Business or Accounting degree and/or five years previous accounting equivalence. The Board of Education reserves the right to deviate from these qualifications.

REPORTS TO: School Board and Superintendent

EVALUATION: Performance will be evaluated by the School Board and the Superintendent.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary and work year to be established by the board.

JOB GOAL: The goal of the Business Manager is to provide the most efficient services to support the educational objectives of the School District and administers the business affairs of the school district to provide the best possible educational services with the financial resources available.


  1. Plan, organize, administer and direct the operations of the District’s Business Office to ensure efficient and cost-effective operations.

  2. Direct the development of Board policies related to the financial operations and business functions.

  3. Prepare and administer budgets.

  4. Submit state and federal financial reports.

  5. Oversee and provide accurate open enrollment numbers in conjunction with business office staff.

  6. Implement, monitor and develop cash management programs that adhere to legal and responsible procedures adopted by the Board of Education and required by state/federal law.

  7. Develop and direct effective purchasing strategies and purchasing Monitor payroll management in conjunction with Payroll Staff.

  8. Coordinate and manage all matters related to the internal and external auditing of the District’s finances.

  9. Assist in operations of maintenance, food service and transportation services.

  10. Assist in Human Resource functions.

  11. Provide Board of Education, District Administrator, Community Members, Administrators and District Staff with the best information possible to be educated on the matters related to the Business Office.

  12. Attend all Board of Education meetings and provide expertise related to the financial operations of the District.

  13. Supervise the payroll function for the district to include employee benefits, state and federal tax deposits, workmen’s compensation insurance and other related activities.

  14. Supervises the review, coding, and preparation of the bills for approval at board meetings.

  15. Supervises the collection, safe keeping, and distribution of all funds, making investments and deposits into the appropriate checking and savings accounts approved by the board; reconcile cash accounts and report to the board monthly.

  16. Assists with the budget development, preparation, and submission; and provides the board with periodic performance reports. Prepares, approves and monitors purchase orders in compliance with board policy and approve the budget.

  17. Supervises all cash funds and federal programs, including but not limited to food service and grants, in compliance with state and district policies, including timely required reporting.

  18. Collects information and assists the superintendent and board with contract negotiations.

  19. Conducts bidding procedures, when necessary, in compliance with school district policy and state law.

  20. Maintains records and inventory related to fixed assets and real estate with adequate collateral and liability insurance; reports claims to insurer(s) in a timely manner..

  21. Prepares and distributes the agenda and other appropriate communications to Board members in advance of the regularly scheduled meetings.

  22. Attends and participates in board meetings, maintains an accurate record of the action and participants; signs and publishes proceedings of the Board consistent with the laws pertaining to the official publication of the minutes of Board action.

  23. Prepares the district annual report to be submitted to the state superintendent.

  24. Arranges for and assists with auditing of all school district accounts and programs.

  25. Conducts school district elections as prescribed by state law.

  26. Represents the school district professionally in local, regional, state, and national affiliation and participation.

  27. Cooperates with all departments for effective and efficient results.

  28. Performs other duties as the Board may require which will assist the superintendent and board in financial matters of the district.