The District is committed to using its financial resources wisely. The Board recognizes that credit cards and electronic transactions may provide school employees with a convenient payment option and may also improve business office efficiency.

Credit Cards: 

The Board authorizes the use of credit card or electronic payment for official district purchases and acquisitions. The Business Manager is responsible for authorization and control of the use of credit cards, subject to the final School Board approval of payments.

Authorized use of the credit card is limited to the person in whose name the card is issued and may not be loaned to another person. The Business Manager may authorize use of the general Staff or Administration credit cards on a case-by-case basis.

The credit card is for business-related purposes only. It may not be used for personal purchases. The credit card is District property and should be used only for authorized District purchases. Only the Business Manager is authorized to use the credit card when scheduling travel by District employees and/or consultants retained by the District as speakers, presenters, etc., including registration fees, lodging and airline tickets. The Business Manager is authorized to use a District credit card to purchase items online that cannot be reasonably purchased elsewhere or when purchasing or paying for items online results in significant savings. The Business Manager is also authorized to use the credit card for prepayment of items/services when required by a vendor or in instances of savings to the District.

The items listed below are School Board authorized purchases. All other credit card purchases require prior approval from the Business Manager.

Authorized Credit Card Purchases:

Maintenance/repair/operations, facilities maintenance expenses, office supplies, stationery, forms, printing, books, periodicals, subscriptions, DVD’S, CD’s, computer supplies and maintenance, safety equipment or supplies, catering or small dining services, medical supplies, screen printing, repetitive/consistent purchases, lodging, gasoline or diesel for school-owned vehicles, car rentals (mileage, lodging and car rentals must be pre-approved by the employee’s supervisor and Business Manager)

The card users shall submit charge card receipts to the Business Manager no later than the date established by the Business Manager.

The Business Manager shall audit the charge card receipts, reconcile the charge card statement and process the charges for payment.

Cardholders, with the exception of the Business Manager, are not allowed to use the credit card for purchases greater than $1000 without prior school board authorization. The Business Manager is not authorized to use the credit card for purchases greater than $5,000 each.

Any cardholder benefits or revenue generated from the use of district-issued credit or purchase cards shall be for the exclusive use of the district. Employees shall reimburse the District for any charges that are disallowed by the employee’s supervisor, the Business Manager or the Board. Employees must return the credit card to the Business Manager or School Board upon being directed to do so by the Business Manager or School Board.

Electronic Transfers: The Business Manager is authorized to electronically transfer funds for such purposes as may be specifically authorized by the Board.