The School Board wishes to maintain good working relations with vendors who supply materials, supplies and services to the district. Constructive efforts by the administration to seek the advice and counsel of vendors about how to improve such relationships are encouraged, subject to the limitations of the district’s policies.

School officials involved in the selection or purchase of materials and services shall abide by district conflict of interest policies and avoid situations that could interfere, or appear to interfere, with the ability to make free and independent decisions regarding purchases on behalf of the district.

Each purchase shall be made with a commitment to the ethical expenditure of district resources and on the basis of quality, price and delivery, with past service being a factor if all other considerations are equal. Vendors have no obligation to contribute to solicitations from schools and any contributions on behalf of vendors shall be accepted according to applicable district policies with the expectation that the district shall not extend favoritism to any vendor.

No employee shall endorse any product of any type or kind in such manner as will identify him/her in any way as an employee of the District.


Suppliers are encouraged to submit information about their products to the District’s purchasing supervisor. The purchasing supervisor will meet with vendors to discuss their products as time and schedule allow.

Vendor Relations with Schools, Staff and Students

No agent or salesperson shall be permitted to discuss business propositions, to distribute business propositions, or to canvass students and/or employees on district property unless approved by the Superintendent or a designee.

School officials shall not accept gifts from suppliers, contractors and others doing or seeking to do business with the school system if the gift serves no ethical business purpose or would create an actual or perceived embarrassment to the school district upon public disclosure.

Any employee receiving a gift from a vendor, contractor, or supplier with an estimated value in excess of $50 shall report such gift to the business manager where a record of such gifts shall be maintained.