The Board may sell property of the school district that it considers no longer necessary, useful or suitable for school purposes. No board action is required to sell, trade, destroy, or dispose of consumable school supplies, printed text, or subscriptions. All property sold must be appraised by three real property owners of the school district unless that property is to be traded for other property, destroyed, transferred to another political subdivision, was created as result of an educational program, or is to be sold at public auction. The governing board may employ a person or persons licensed by the state to do fee appraisals in lieu of property owners.

Property appraised for less than $500 may be sold without advertising for bids. Property, including property created as a result of an education program, appraised for more than $500 will be advertised for sale in the official newspaper for two consecutive weeks, the first publication may not be less than 10 days before the sale. The notice of sale will describe the property to be sold and the time when the Board or its representative will open bids. Sealed bids will be filed with the business manager and opened at the Board meeting as specified in the notice.

The Board will sell the property to the highest bidder. However, the board may reject any or all bids.

In lieu of the acceptance of bids, school property may be sold at public auction. The auction will be advertised by posting notices and newspaper advertising as described above. Property sold at public auction need not be appraised but the board should establish a minimum price.

Any school district library may discard over-duplicated, outdated inappropriate or worn library materials in accordance with state laws. Such discarded materials may be given to other libraries or to nonprofit agencies, destroyed, offered for public sale or traded to a vendor for future library material purchasing credits.

By law the district may also exchange or transfer property to another political subdivision. The governing boards of the respective jurisdictions will determine the terms and conditions of this exchange or transfer.