A fire drill will be held in each school building twice each semester, or a minimum of four fire drills each school year. The majority of these drills may be held during the months of September, October, April, and May, in order to take advantage of the weather.

Definite instructions will be furnished by the principal to teachers and students as to route and manner of exit during fire drills. Special instruction in fire drill procedure will be given to students the first week of school, and the first fire drill of the school year must be held during the first two weeks of school.

Fire drills will be held without warning and will be varied in procedure to give the students the experience of varying fire possibilities. Order rather than speed will be stressed in fire drills.

Every teacher will be familiar with the location of fire extinguishers in the building and will be informed regarding the location and operation of fire alarms. Principals will keep a record of all fire drills held in their schools, stating the date the drill was held and the time required for evacuation of the building. These reports will be furnished to the Superintendent as may from time to time be required.