The board believes that keeping school buildings and grounds safe is part of its responsibility to provide students, staff and community members with a healthy learning and working environment.

The board strives to provide schools that are safe from hazards, sanitary, properly equipped, lighted and ventilated and aesthetically suited to promoting the goals of the schools.

The superintendent will have direct supervision of the care of the school property. The superintendent will be responsible to the board for its adequate maintenance.

Each school principal will have responsibility for the school facility and grounds under his or her charge. Principals will carry on a continuous inspection of all buildings, equipment, playgrounds, outside walkways and grounds to discover conditions that may be dangerous to the safety of students, staff and community members. The principal will supervise the custodial staff of the school in maintaining an adequate program of school care and maintenance.

District employees are encouraged to report promptly to the principal of the school any defects to the building or equipment that could prove injurious to students, staff or other persons.