Transportation may be provided to and from school for elementary school children, (grades K-8) who live within the five-mile radius of the school. Bus service will be provided for students within these boundaries if the Board determines it is economically efficient, and is justifiable in terms of student safety. Upon request for transportation by the parents, a school board may charge a fee for students whose residence is less than five miles from school.

Students who reside more than five miles from the school of assignment and who do not have access to the bus service furnished by the district, will be entitled to transportation or board and room allowance in accordance with state law.

The transportation of students with special needs will be in accordance with the specifications of their educational plans and will be arranged by the transportation supervisor.

Exceptions to the established areas may be made by the Board for the following reasons:

  1. Where, in the judgment of the Board, walking conditions to the student’s school are extremely hazardous.

  2. Where because of overcrowding and the necessity to assign students to another building, the Board deems transportation necessary.