The Board considers the practice of serving food at school primarily a convenience for parents, children, and school management; secondarily as a means of encouraging good health habits.

The school system will operate a school lunch program in each school, which will be under the supervision of the cafeteria supervisor.

The cafeteria staff in each school will be directly responsible to the district cafeteria supervisor, but will cooperate with the principal of the school in matters essential to the proper functioning of the food services program. The responsibility for control of students using the cafeteria will rest with the building principal, who may assign appropriate staff to provide supervisory control.

Food services will include hot lunches, and a milk program for kindergartens.

The Board will approve the prices set for school lunches and the price of milk.

Participation Regulations

As required for participation in the National School Lunch Program, the Board agrees to the following regulations:

  1. That a “Type A” lunch be made available for students.

  2. That free and reduced price lunches be provided students who cannot afford to pay the price of the “Type A” lunch.

Students will also be permitted to bring their lunches from home and to purchase beverages and incidental items.