Works Protected by Copyright

Copyright protection extends to literacy works, musical works, dramatic works, pantomimes and choreographic works, pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works, motion pictures and other audiovisual works including television, and sound recording.

Unpublished works by U.S. and foreign authors are protected by the new copyright statute, as are published work by U.S. authors. The published works of foreign authors are subject to copyright under certain conditions, including coverage under national treaties such as the Universal Copyright Convention.

U.S. government works are excluded. Works produced for the U.S. government by its officers and employees are not subject to copyright.

District Procedure

Copyright materials, be they print or non-print and including computer software, will not be duplicated unless such reproduction meets “fair use” standards or unless written permission from the copyright holder has been received.

The Board does not sanction illegal duplication in any form. Employees who willfully disregard the Districts’ copyright position are in violation of Board policy and the law and assume all liability and responsibility related thereto.

Guidelines shall be developed and made available to all employees of the district to insure the fair use of copyright work.

The principal of each school site is responsible for establishing practices, which will enforce this policy.