The educational program of the district will be designed to perpetuate and develop the principles and values for life in our democratic society. To this end, the Board will provide opportunities and training so students may become educated Americans who are physically strong, morally and spiritually responsible, and economically capable. Through guidance and by example, our students should develop self-confidence, self-understanding, and respect for others. They should acquire skill in solving problems they will encounter and demonstrate a desire to gain new knowledge. In substance, the aim of our schools will be to assist in the development of the complete person, recognizing that this is a shared responsibility with the home, the church, and other agencies.

To achieve these ideals, the Board recognizes the necessity of meeting the needs of the individual and the society. Thus, the curriculum must be flexible and adapted to individual abilities and differences. It must also be adjustable to changing conditions in order that our students may be academically, physically, socially, and morally prepared to progress.

The Board recognizes its responsibility to develop an educational program that will

  1. An environment in which the individual student is prepared to fulfill his or her moral, social, political, economic, and cultural responsibilities to the community, nation and world;

  2. Attention to the development and practice in the fundamental skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, observing and reasoning;

  3. School experiences in democratic living to enable a student to hold, to share, cooperate, and assume responsibility in family living and in society;

  4. Opportunities for acquiring an understanding of the principles of physical health and safety, which will carry over to the student’s daily life;

  5. An appreciation and knowledge of the cultural, scientific, and ethical aspects of our society;

  6. An educational atmosphere that will enhance the student’s mental, emotional, and social development.

The Board recognizes its obligation to provide the necessary equipment, instructional materials, and staff to facilitate the implementation of this philosophy.