Rapid social change, technological development, and expansion of knowledge are facts of contemporary life. Public education must respond appropriately. Therefore, it is imperative that individual schools, the school system as a whole, and the Board continuously review and evaluate existing programs and practices, and adjust, modify, or change them as found advantageous in effectively meeting the needs of students and the expectations of the community. Therefore, the Board expects:

  1. The administration and faculty to be perpetually sensitive to changing conditions that may require changes in curriculum;

  2. All programs to be under continuous evaluation to see that they meet the needs of children;

  3. The school system to undertake intensive curriculum evaluation and revision in certain areas from time to time as the need for this is demonstrated.

The Board will hear regular reports on district programs and ongoing curriculum study and revision. It will consider recommendations of the staff for intensive curriculum study and may authorize the establishment of task forces to work in particular areas. It will also be receptive to the desires of parents and students in considering changes in the curriculum.

As found desirable, the Board may appoint advisory committees and/or ad hoc Board committees to join with the faculty in examining desirable changes in particular areas.

Recommendations for curriculum changes submitted through appropriate channels will be acted upon by the Board. The curriculum will always be prescribed by the Board in accordance with state requirements.