It is a prime responsibility of the district to help students understand, appreciate, and feel a responsibility to perpetuate our American heritage, customs, traditions, and ideals. Therefore, the Board directs that students will be instructed in the history and the Constitution of the United States, the history and constitution of the state of South Dakota, and the general principles of free government so they can comprehend the rights, duties, and dignity of American citizenship. Also, students will be instructed on the proper manner to honor, respect, and display the flag of the United States.

The following citizenship education activities will be made available at the appropriate grade level on a regular basis:

  1. Learning and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance;

  2. Learning and singing a variety of patriotic songs, including the National Anthem;

  3. Listening to or reading stories about famous and/or historical facts or events;

  4. Participating in student government activities;

  5. Participating in a wide variety of local, state, and national government classroom simulations that include, but are not limited to, mock elections, mock trials, and/or mock legislatures;

  6. Participating in patriotic exercises and observances in the classroom and/or in conjunction with school programs and events deemed appropriate for the occasion;

  7. Participating in any other activity that will lead to making students aware of their responsibility for the preservation of a free and democratic society as citizens of the United States.

Individual staff members who wish to provide a citizenship program different from the activities outlined above should submit such programs in writing to the building administrator in charge of instruction.