Although the home and other community institutions play an important role in contributing to the moral attitude of students, the Board recognizes that the schools may also influence a student’s attitude and thinking.

The district will provide special character instruction intended to impress upon the minds of students the importance of truthfulness, temperance, purity, self discipline, self respect, sexual abstinence, AIDS instruction, public spirit, patriotism, citizenship, respect for honest labor, obedience to parents, respect for the contributions of minority and ethnic groups to the heritage of South Dakota, regard for the elderly and respect for authority.

In developing curriculum for various courses, the Superintendent and the professional staff will keep in mind lessons, which can contribute to the character instruction of the students. In addition, through the performance of their own activities staff members should keep in mind that they serve as role models for the students, and instruct students in these areas.

The Board will encourage parents and other community members to join them in providing guidance to students to enable them to develop their own code of ethics.