The Board recognizes that religious education is the responsibility of the home and church. Within the school district, neither the Board nor any of its employees will promote any particular religious belief or non-belief. All students and staff members will be encouraged to appreciate and be tolerant of an individual’s religious views. In the spirit of tolerance, students and staff members may be excused from participating in school activities—such as holiday assembly programs—which may be contrary to their religious beliefs.

The Board, however, realizes the importance of religion in history, culture, and the arts cannot be ignored and should have a place in education. A distinction will be made, however, between the studies as part of the curriculum and the celebration of religious holidays in a manner that is devotional, or doctrinal, or both. The distinction rests on whether the purpose or effect of such practices is the advancement of religion.

The Superintendent will develop administrative regulations that will include guidelines which are in consonance with the philosophy that religion in the schools must be educational in nature, and that the schools must be sensitive to all beliefs.