Consistent with its commitment to meet the instructional needs of students, the Board recognizes that the goal of general and specific occupational education is to develop productive citizens. In meeting this goal, it is essential to provide the district’s students with necessary decision-making and job-entry level skills.

General and specific occupational education will be an integral part of the general curriculum in the high school, and also will be provided for post-secondary and adult students. The rules and regulations for carrying out an efficient general and specific occupational program will be in accordance with those established by the State Board of Education. The program will be geared to technological and economic conditions and changes and, as a core component of comprehensive education, will share with other aspects of the high school curriculum the purpose of development of character and attitudes as well as skills.

In an effort to meet the general and specific occupational training needs of regular high school students, adults, post-secondary students, and others identified by their needs, the district may provide programs in the following educational areas:

  1. Agricultural;

  2. Business and Office;

  3. Marketing Education;

  4. Health Occupations;

  5. Family and Consumer Science;

  6. Trade and Industrial;

  7. Technology Education.

Guidance and counseling services will be provided each general and specific occupational student throughout the program and at the time for placement in the chosen career.